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2022 Project Repo

HackAI 2022 1st Place Winners (tied)

Team Name: Alvin and the Chipmunks

Members: Mihir Joshi, Jagteshwar Singh, and Alvin Ishimwe

Project Name: DermAI

Project Description: DermAI is an AI-based tool to assist physicians in making skin cancer diagnoses. At DermAI, our goal is to provide the highest accuracy prediction of common skin cancers to aid clinicians in making difficult decisions. Even if a clinician is not a dermatologist, they can use this app in their clinic and get an "extra set of eyes" on a potential cancer diagnosis. We believe this will be beneficial in healthcare settings as misdiagnosis is the leading cause of skin cancer-related deaths

Project Demonstration: VideoGoogle Slides

Team Name: KOLA

Members: Poki Juan and Shehan Perera

Project Name: Brain Tumor Radiogenomic Bio-Marker Classification

Project Description: Predict the presence of the MGMT biomarker from Structural Multi-Parametric MRI Scans for brain tumor detection

Project Demonstration: Slideshow

HackAI 2022 3rd Place Winner

Team Name: Brutus 2

Members: Abdul Habroune

Project Name: Automated Attendance using Facial Recognition

Project Description: Track attendance and time of attendance using facial recognition

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