Hack AI

The OSU annual AI hackathon.

Join us on March 30th for a day full of hacking, data analysis, and fun. Sharing the event will be a few companies as well as 60+ students all interested in building artificial intelligence. Food, data, and mentors will be provided.

Hack AI is sponsored by OHI/O, a program dedicated to fostering tech culture at the Ohio State University.

Where: Basement of the 18th Avenue Library, OSU
When: March 30th, 9am-9pm
How to join: Signup Form

Want to participate?

University students are welcome to attend. To signup for the hackathon, simply fill out the signup form here.

During the hackathon, students will work in small groups to make an AI project. Resources will be provided, with the best projects in several categories winning large prizes.

Why sponsor?

Sponsors are what make Hack AI possible. Without them, Hack AI would not exist. The food, friendly environment, and opportunities available are all due to organizations chipping in.

To help, sponsors get many unique benefits. For the full sponsorship packet, email the OSU AI Club.


Win prizes and swag
Meet new friends
Learn more AI


Access to club resumes
Propose challenges


Thank you to all of our kind sponsors for supporting Hack AI.